Disable HTTP Request in WordPress

The title may not be that specific to what I am going to tell, but it is related.


I was trying to make a speech recognition based module for an e-learning task.

I want my students to read aloud a text.

After searching here and there, I finally found a great combination:

  1. Gravity forms
  2. Gravitywiz
  3. Voice-forms

a student would read a text using the speech recognition button (by Voice Forms) that appears in every form field ( I used Gravityforms). I set a condition that is all the words in the text to read must also appear in the form field.

To avoid students type in the text, I make the field “read only”. I need to use the feature from Gravitywiz.


There was a problem,

The Query Monitor Plugin always shows red, meaning there was a problem, so I checked that.

It was the Voice Form plugin that keeps requesting HTTP API Calls to amazon aws.

I inspected the code that send the request, and it was from line 784. here is the code.

$vf_response = wp_remote_get(self::$vf_voice_services_access_keys['api_url'], $vf_args);

then, I put comment code before and after the above code so that the code does not work anymore. I changed it to:

/*  $vf_response = wp_remote_get(self::$vf_voice_services_access_keys['api_url'], $vf_args); */


it worked

No more error.

Thank You, I hope this little note can be useful for others.

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